When it comes to products available within the wealth and insurance industries, they all are relatively similar from institution to institution. How they are utilized, with the advice and service you receive, to solve for a need truly is the difference. We do not focus on selling products; we provide solutions to your priorities. Sometimes that involves a product, sometimes it does not. 

Your level of confidence in us helps define your success. That is why we get to know you as deeply as we can, to ensure you receive detailed and personalized information on all the solutions, including their benefits and potential consequences. You want to know that you, your family, your business, will be okay; while trusting that we are here to help you navigate the unknowns to create the greatest success in that outcome.

How are we different than other financial companies?

  • We will never pressure you. It’s your life and your money, we are simply here to help you understand your path. If the optional solutions are not a fit, if we as advisors are not a fit, we will help find other alternatives that are. 
  • We are very conscious of the importance in disclosure; these are your policies, and you should know who, how and why certain parties get compensated.
  • We are not obligated to invest through any particular institution; therefore, we have the freedom to research the industry for solutions available to best fit your needs. 
  • Because we can use any financial provider in Canada, it requires us to do our due diligence. You can trust that we have compared, analyzed, and discussed the options and we will always explain to you why we recommend our choices.
  • Time is the new currency. We can manage all your investment and insurance policies to provide you a single check in point when it’s time to review. This helps you better organize your wealth; and it helps us do a better job in understanding what you have and why. It also enhances family and executors experience when they know that everything is in one place and will get dealt with effectively with our help.
  • We best manage the money you cannot afford to lose. 
  • We aim to have fulfilling and long-term client relationships so that we assist through every changing stage of life. We work for ourselves; therefore, you can feel confident we will continue to be the team you work directly with now and in the future. When you call, there will always be a person on the other end of the phone.
  • We will be actively engaged with you. You can expect to get phone calls, request for policy reviews, market updates; we also expect you give us the same courtesy when we need to connect with you.
  • Your account size does not matter. Anyone wanting to make a positive financial change for themselves has our full support and we are happy to help you make the smallest steps or biggest leaps towards defining your path to financial freedom.
  • We will review NOA’s and wills other legal documents to ensure there is unity to all important aspects. Including beneficiaries etc.
  • We welcome working with your existing professional team, including accountants and lawyers, to ensure unity in all actions to create a common goal for your success. Let us communicate with your team and see how it truly makes a difference.


Find out for yourself how Statera Financial Planners can elevate your financial experience and success. Contact us today.