Get to know Courtney Alcock CFP® CLU®

Statera Financial Planners |

Why did you become an advisor?

To help people and make a difference. Early on I considered psychology as a career path, but always loved numbers, I was lucky enough to find a path that combined both! I also really gravitated to the concept of managing my own schedule, being able to work remotely and stay connected if I did extended travel. The life-work balance to this career fit very well for me, and it’s important to practice what you preach!


What are your goals as an advisor?

To be someone our clients value having in their professional circle. I want our advice to make an impact on lives everywhere. I want to grow with everyone and watch their successes come to life.


How do you measure success?

In smiles and sound sleep.


What types of education are you pursuing?

I plan to pursue my Certified Health Specialist and Elder Planning Counsellor designations over the next few years. Education is extremely important to us, I want to be the encyclopedia that clients ask about anything!


What would you say are your main personal values?

Honesty, trust, integrity, and respect. We’ve built Statera Financial Planners around the core values of our entire team. I’m proud that I can say we live by them!


What is your investment philosophy?

Take only calculated risks and manage the money clients cannot afford to lose. For us it’s less about obtaining the highest rate of return out there, but more determining what return you need to make your financial planning goals a reality. It’s very objective oriented on how we approach assets as well.


What do you like best about being an advisor?

Talking to our wonderful clients, helping them in their financial journey and watch their stress diminish as we help turn unknowns into knowns for their future.


What are your top three travel destinations?

I’ve been to Iceland and absolutely loved it, the scenery was amazing. I would go back time and time again as my first choice. Beyond that, I would love to explore Japan and New Zealand.


What do you do for fun in your free time?

Outside of work I love being outdoors, when Alberta weather allows it! I’m an avid hiker and camper with a passion for photography. The mountains are my happy place, but when I’m sticking closer to home I enjoy visiting the local breweries, playing soccer and getting into pickleball matches with my family.


What is the biggest milestone you hope to reach in 2023?

On a business level we have some big internal projects we are working towards to bring more value to the client experience, I hope we get to roll these out in 2023! It's been an exciting first year for Statera Financial Planners and we have no plans of stopping the growth of our value.

Personally, I have just finished a major renovation to my new home, this spring and summer it’s time to tackle the backyard!