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Individuals Accumulating Net Worth

While you're in your accumulating years, whether just starting out or seasoned in your high income earning years, it's important to develop positive financial habits that seek to lay a strong foundation for your future and your lifelong goals.

Whether you are new to investing and need help establishing a savings budget, stable in your career with a need to protect that income, or are planning your transition to retirement, we’ll work with you to develop a financial plan that aims to help you manage your money and your risks effectively for whatever stages of life lie ahead.

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As a parent, you're not only pursuing your own aspirations, but guiding your children towards their own success as well. That's why starting a plan early is considered vital in organizing the needs of the whole family. When others rely on you, your knowledge, your income and your security let's remove the taboo around money talk.

Whether it's ensuring funds are available for education needs, minimizing debt obligations to surviving family should something happen to you, or allowing us to be a resource in teaching your family smart and important financial habits from a young age, what matters to you matters to us.

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Who We Serve | Planning Service | Statera Financial Planners
Who We Serve | Planning Service | Statera Financial Planners


You’ve worked hard in life to get to the point where you can enjoy some relaxation and celebrate all that you have achieved. Retirement is an exciting time, however the transition from a career and steady paycheck to living on the wealth you’ve accumulated, and funded government programs can be filled with uncertainty.

Together, we can develop a plan that helps alleviate that uneasiness of your transition and answer the unknowns, allowing you to focus on where life takes you from here!

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Business Owners

Between managing employees, building client relationships, maintaining the quality of your products or services, growing your assets and revenue, all while still having enough time and resources to support yourself personally, owning a business is a demanding task.

It’s easy to be swept up in the day-to-day management of your business and lose sight of financial planning opportunities that may lead to growth, or alternatively the considerations that may affect your tax position and bottom line. We can help create a financial foundation that aims to care for your employees and executives, in turn creating a better experience for everyone on your team.

Whether it’s reducing the impact of an unexpected loss at any level within the company, providing benefit plans and protection, or creating a strategy for business succession and a personal transition into life after work, we have solutions that can help with every aspect.

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Who We Serve | Planning Service | Statera Financial Planners