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It starts with you!

Our process begins with determining if we are the right type of advisor for you. In getting to know you and your goals, while reciprocally sharing our processes and philosophies, it  ensures that our services are a good long term fit for you.

Tell us where you are and where you want to go; we'll then work with you to develop a plan that suits your needs and goals. As life is never linear, or known to follow the path we expect, as it changes we'll adjust your plan so it better aligns with your new path.

We believe a detailed planning process can be one of the most effective ways to create financial security and peace of mind. It gives you valuable information to base decisions on by analyzing the financial implications of those decisions. An effective plan does not only provide clarity on financial outcomes at retirement, but addresses short and long term risks to those plans throughout your life stages and uncertainties that can present itself with disability, illnesses, sudden losses of income or unexpected expenses or major life changes.

So what are the steps?

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1. Introductory Meeting

In our first meeting, we'll identify your goals, priorities, preferences, and any obstacles you may have. We'll also mutually establish what your expectations are for us, what ours are of you and if an ongoing partnership is the right fit. Building trust and a communicative relationship is the most important key to a joint venture in your long-term success.

2. Exploration & Preliminary Planning Discovery Meeting

After our first meeting, we'll take a deeper dive into your specific situation and objectives. As we have a more detailed conversation about your personal and financial goals, we'll start organizing the foundation of your financial plan. The more open and transparent this phase is, the more detailed our plan will be.

3. Detailed Planning

With the foundation complete, the fundamentals of the road map are in place and we can now address the areas that are most important to you, and outline any steps needed to conquer potential obstacles.

We follow an 8-step process as designed and required by Financial Planning Canada (FP Canada). These assumption guidelines provide approved practices regarding financial planning through the Financial Planning Standards Council

This process is;

  1. Identify the client’s goals, needs and priorities.
  2. Gather the clients information.
  3. Assess the client's current situation.
  4. Identify and evaluate the appropriate financial planning strategies.
  5. Develop the financial planning recommendations.
  6. Compile and present the financial planning recommendations and supporting rationale.
  7. Discuss implementation action, responsibilities and time frames.
  8. Implement the recommendations.

A division of FP Canada, the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) establishes and enforces financial planning standards, sets the certification requirements for professional financial planners and develops and delivers certification examinations.

4. Ongoing Support & Advice

Life is constantly changing, and with that so should your position and progress towards your outlined objectives. Goals may change or require adjustment, and as priorities and timelines shift, we will help you make informed decisions so that you can adapt as needed to continue improving your overall situation. Initially, Financial Planning is a process that provides a starting point to which future progress can be compared. It’s within the ongoing reviews, realigning your visions, objectives, and reality that the most benefit is realized from the planning process.


We work with you to ensure the path is known and action plans are in place to create the success you desire. We review this as needed and as often as you desire.

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