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Comprehensive Estate Planning

Protecting Your Inheritance

Estate planning is about more than just distributing wealth – it's about creating a meaningful legacy, whether for your family, a beloved charity, or to cover final expenses.

With the right estate plan, you can guarantee that your estate is managed and distributed as you intended, rather than being subjected to the default rules of your province.

At Statera Financial Planning, we help ensure that the essential documents for protecting your interests are constructed flawlessly through your lawyer. This includes:



A will governs the disposal and distribution of your estate upon your passing. It names your executor, sets forth guardianship for dependents, outlines asset beneficiaries, and reduces stress and strain on your loved ones during a difficult time.

Power of Attorney (POA)

A POA is vital for managing your financial affairs in the event that you are unable to do so yourself. Establishing a POA ensures that an individual you trust is tasked with maintaining your best interests and following your directives.

Health Directive

Health directives provide clear instructions on the level and type of health care you desire when you’re unable to give them yourself. Health directives prevent disagreement among loved ones, ensuring that your health care wishes are respected without contention.

Designating Beneficiaries

Strategizing your beneficiary designations is crucial for the protection of your family and estate. This protects certain investments and insurance policies, allowing these assets to be distributed without dispute and distribution delays.


Our role at Statera Financial Planners includes discussion of wording, analyzing your current situation, strategizing tax planning, and identifying any missing components that will ensure the protection and proper distribution of your legacy.

To start crafting your legacy plan, connect with us today – we would be happy to help guide you through the process.



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Life Insurance for Every Stage

Protecting Your Family's Future

Life insurance safeguards your family from debts, replaces lost income, and addresses posthumous tax issues that can impose a significant financial burden. It’s vital for those that want to provide:


Financial Security for Your Loved Ones

By having life insurance, you can ensure that your family members, dependents, or beneficiaries are financially protected and taken care of, even if you are no longer there to support them. The proceeds from this policy will help alleviate financial stress during a tough emotional time.

Coverage for Funeral and Final Expenses

The right insurance can help alleviate financial burden related to your funeral and final expenses, providing funds to cover funeral costs, burial expenses, and even outstanding medical bills. This allows your family to focus on adjusting without worrying about immediate financial obligations.

Income Replacement and Debt Protection

If you’re the primary earner in your family, your sudden absence can create financial instability. Life insurance can bridge this gap and give your family space to grieve by providing regular income payments to your loved ones, helping them maintain their lifestyle, pay bills, and meet financial commitments.


Whether it's adjusting coverage, altering the insurance type, or simply ensuring that your policies are in line with personal changes, it's essential you're not under or over-insured.

At Statera Financial Planners, we provide a thorough review of your current life insurance policies to ensure that you and your family are appropriately protected.

Reach out to us for a comprehensive analysis so that you can feel confident knowing that your most valuable assets – your life and your family – are safeguarded.

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Trust Statera to Preserve Your Legacy

Planning your estate is a proactive approach to securing your legacy and safeguarding your family’s future.

While these discussions can be sensitive, Statera Financial Planners is committed to guiding you with care, professionalism, and expertise throughout every step of this crucial planning process.

For more information about any of the information listed above, please reach out to us directly or check out our complimentary resource page.

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Please note: Statera Financial Planners does not offer legal advice; consult a legal advisor or an estate planning attorney for assistance tailored to your specific situation. We can, however, facilitate finding the right professionals to represent your unique needs.