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Being prepared for unforeseen events is the best way to proactively protect your company’s bottom line and, by extension, your own livelihood.

Understanding the intricate connection between your personal financial situation and the prosperity of your business is essential to protecting your assets.

Statera keeps this at the forefront as we help you to structure and demystify your company’s fiscal plan.

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Personalized Plans for Every Corporate Client

Success in the business world involves more than just producing outstanding products or services; it also requires adept management of various crucial elements, including employee oversight, client relationship cultivation, and financial profitability.

Ensuring that your business can endure and flourish, even in adverse circumstances, is paramount to its short- and long-term success.

Which is why Statera provides comprehensive financial business planning, including:


Comprehensive Group Benefits

Group benefit packages are a cornerstone of long-term employee retention and competitiveness in recruitment. These benefits can include health insurance, dental and vision care, life insurance, disability coverage, and retirement savings plans.

Assessing Retirement Planning Strategies

Business owners should explore various qualified and nonqualified retirement options, such as RRSP,

TFSA, pensions, or profit-sharing plans. A balanced approach ensures a more stable and predictable retirement income stream.

Preparing for Business Succession

The passing of a business partner can have operational impacts and financial consequences for surviving partners. Effective succession planning, coupled with a buy-sell agreement funded by life insurance, is a strategic solution to this challenge.


Protecting Against the Loss of Key Employees

The unexpected loss of a key employee can hinder a small business's performance significantly. Key employee insurance policies help mitigate such risks, providing payouts that can cover costs related to hiring and training replacements and compensating for lost company earnings.

Rewarding Executive Talent

Retaining key executives requires offering competitive and compelling compensation packages. Incentive programs, such as deferred compensation plans, bonuses, and split-dollar life insurance agreements, motivate executives and fortify their allegiance to the company.


Remember, the stability and continuity of your business directly influence your personal financial future. Connect with us to establish a comprehensive plan that caters to all facets of your business and personal financial well-being.

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Develop a Robust Financial Business Plan with Statera

Whether your concerns lie in retirement planning, business succession, employee retention, or executive compensation, Statera Financial Planners will help you build strategies that align with both your business and personal goals.

For more information, please reach out to us directly or check out our complimentary resource page.

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