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You can count on bespoke solutions that align with your unique financial priorities.

Each product and approach we suggest is thoughtfully curated to offer the most effective solution for your needs.

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We aim to give you peace of mind, knowing that your financial well-being, along with that of your family and business, are secure.

With Statera Financial Planners, you gain an ally on the path to achieving your financial aspirations.

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The Statera Difference

We dedicate ourselves to understanding your financial goals in-depth so that we can deliver you comprehensive and individualized advice. This includes providing you with:


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  • Pressure-free Advisory – We will always provide you with the best possible resources, even if that means referring you to another financial specialist.
  • Full Transparency - We believe in full disclosure regarding policies and compensation.
  • Institutional Independence - Our independence from specific financial institutions allows us the freedom to explore and recommend solutions that best serve your interests.
  • Diligent Research - We partner with many financial providers in Canada and are committed to rigorous due diligence, reinforcing the trust you place in our recommendations.
  • Proactive Engagement - Expect proactive communication, including policy reviews and market updates.
  • Comprehensive Planning - We review legal documents such as Notices of Assessment (NOAs), wills, and others to ensure alignment with your overall financial plan, including beneficiary designations.


Your Money, Your Way

  • Equality in Service - We are committed to supporting every client's financial growth, regardless of your starting point.
  • Collaborative Approach - We collaborate seamlessly with your existing team of professionals, including accountants and lawyers, to promulgate cohesive strategies for your financial success.
  • Enduring Client Partnerships - Our goal is to foster lasting relationships, supporting you through every life transition. You can count on a personal connection and continuity with our team.
  • Streamlined Wealth Management - We offer consolidated management of your investment and insurance portfolios, simplifying your financial oversight and enhancing the efficiency of our advisory services.
  • Preservation of Wealth - We specialize in managing the assets you cannot afford to lose, ensuring long-term security and prosperity.

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Discover how Statera Financial Planners can enhance your financial journey towards greater success.

Let us exceed your expectations with our exceptional client service and expert financial management.

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