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Our financial advisors equip you with the insights and resources necessary to make confident, informed decisions regarding the finances and well-being of yourself and your family, now, and in the future.

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Financial Planning Services That Put You First 

Our mission is to provide you with a clear understanding of your financial situation, insurance options that fit your needs, and investment advice tailored specifically to your aspirations.

Leveraging advanced tools and our extensive knowledge, our goal is to assist you in achieving sustainable long-term outcomes so you can focus on the things, and people, that are most important in your life.

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Creating a Financial Plan Tailored to You

Wealth Management for Every Ambition

Your wealth is not just about accumulating assets; it's also about securing a future that aligns with your personal vision. Whether you’re saving for retirement, investing in the market, or seeking to protect and grow your wealth, we provide the expertise to navigate your financial landscape.

Wealth Management Services


Safeguard Your Most Precious Asset 

Plans to Insure, and Ensure, Your Health and Wellness 

Your health is the most important resource you have, and being proactive and financially prepared for health-related scenarios is so important. With a range of health and insurance plans, we offer financial solutions that ensure you and your loved ones’ peace of mind. 

Health Management Policies


Preserving Your Wealth for Generations

Legacy Planning for Your Family’s Future

Crafting a legacy involves more than just wealth transfer; it's about passing on your values and making a lasting impact. We guide you through estate planning, charitable giving, and trust services to ensure that your legacy is preserved and conveyed according to your wishes.

Legacy Plans


Protect What Matters Most  

Personalized Family Financial Planning  

Your family's financial security is paramount. Create a tailored plan that covers education funding, life insurance, and family business transitions. We are by your side, helping secure your family's financial future at every turn. 

Family Services 


Elevate Your Business to New Heights

Expert Business Financial Advice

As a business owner, your financial needs are unique. Multifaceted business financial planning encompasses employee benefits, succession planning, and risk management. Our objective is to assist you in the growth and sustainability of your business with targeted support where you need it.

Business Financial Planning



Unparalleled Service, Unbiased Advice

As independent advisors without ties to specific service providers, we have the freedom to choose the best solutions for your unique needs.

Licenses in both the securities and insurance industries mean we're equipped to identify the right combination of products and strategies for you, regardless of the provider.

You can trust that our advice is completely focused on putting you first, exactly as it should be.

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Building Solid Foundations for Financial Success

Our promise to you extends beyond mere advice.

You can expect professional support, education, and informed guidance at every stage of your financial journey. Our commitment is carried out with the highest levels of trust, integrity, and respect.

Statera Financial Planners is here to illuminate your financial path, carving a route that's uniquely yours, and moving you towards abundant wealth, health planning, and a lasting legacy. Book in with us today and feel the difference for yourself.

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Comprehensive Wealth Management Services

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Navigating Your Insurance Needs

Safeguard Your Health with



Comprehensive Family Services

Long-Term Financial Security


Our Team

Greg MacIntosh has worked as a dedicated financial professional since 1993 and is licenced in both Alberta and British Columbia. With a firm belief and value of ongoing education...

For over a decade, Courtney has focused on understanding and developing the skills to be a successful financial planner. Starting in the banking industry and making her way over to...

Beginning her career in the brokerage industry, and having worked in financial service administration for over 30 years, Rita Koch has a depth of experience that compliments the...

Independent Financial Security Advisor & Employee Benefits Consultant

Romana started her financial career in 2004. Since then, she has been initiating, developing, and nurturing relationships with clients to help them achieve their financial goals...

Darlene has been active in the financial services industry since 2016, always striving to expand her knowledge and client service relations. With over a decade of customer service...


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