Get to Know Tim Shmigelsky CFP®, CLU®, CH.F.C.®

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Why did you become an advisor?

I started in 1981 not long after obtaining my Electrician Journeyman Status. I also went to college for 2 years but found that nothing interested me except statistics and economics. I found construction a great career, but I had issues with people making the same income and doing half of what I did. I wanted something that rewarded me for hard work and something that I wanted to get up in the morning for. Truth is, I was looking through the job ads and there was a job posting that said ACCT. REP. I assumed it had something to do with accounting and I was good at math so applied. Turned out to be Great West Life looking for advisors. The rest is history.

What are your goals as an advisor?

To ensure my clients are prepared for whatever financial needs that they may have in the future.

How do you measure success?

Hard to say. There are lots of yardsticks and most are really hard to measure. My career involves a lot of small success's every day. A good income is nice, but if your goal is only to make money you will fail. It's a great feeling when you can deliver a cheque to someone who just lost a spouse and knowing that their future will be secure. Changing a person's lifelong savings program into an income generating machine. Watching parents help pay for their kids education through a plan that they set up. Planning a person's estate so that everyone is treated equally and saving a lot of taxes in the process. Helping clients in all there financial needs, and the list is long. Lastly having clients feel comfortable with you and willing to talk about all their affairs, both financial and personal.

What education are you pursuing, if applicable?

I have my CLU, CFP and CHFC, pretty much all the designations that apply to me. But to maintain these there is a minimum numbers of hours of study and courses needed each year.  In addition I'm constantly researching, taking courses, reading articles and subscribing to newsletters. This includes but is not limited to - taxes, investments plan design, world economic conditions, money supply and different investment options.

What are your personal values?

There are many but in general treat people as I want to be treated, showing respect for all and do the best of my ability to ensure my client goals and needs are met.

What is your investment philosophy?

Slow and steady wins the race in the most tax effective manner. Economic conditions change all the time and so does your investment themes.

What do you like best about being an advisor?

Being able to assist clients in their financial affairs, getting to know them and becoming their friend.

What are your top three travel destinations?

Wow, we have been a lot of places over the years but the top places are somewhere that I have not  been before where I can see how someone else lives. Europe is someplace that needs more exploring, as well as Asia.

How do you give back to the community? 

As I get older and my kids have grown up things are slowing down a bit. But  I have been actively involved in my community league as well as sports. I ran our community softball teams for 11 years, I was VP of the NW Zone softball Association. I have coached and managed hockey, ringette and ball teams. I have been an area manager for a couple of years in the Heart & Stroke Association, being an instructor for other insurance agents.


What do you do for fun/in your free time? 

Again times are changing as I get older, but I love playing hockey, hunting, fishing and playing golf. Travelling has also been a big part. I love to go to a new country, rent a car and go places that I shouldn't go to. Lastly, finding that good deal on something that I may need or not.