Talking to Your Kids About the Inevitable Exit

Statera Financial Planners |

The conversation is never a fun one to have, but the reality is it will happen to us all. Having conversations with you family about your plan after death helps everyone feel more at ease through an already extremely difficult time.

It’s important to talk to your spouse, children, and/or grandchildren about your plan, what you have established, where to find the information needed to create an orderly executive and funeral process, and how to sort out your affairs. However, it’s not always an easy topic to bring up and it may not be one you feel comfortable having on your own. Statera Financial Planners is happy to meet with you and ensure your details are set and then bring the family in for a more mediated discussion to ensure all questions are addressed and you have the support you need through the conversation.

A great way to start is with an estate organizer, and we happen to have one built for our clients! This document is a place where all relative information can exist together. From noting the location of your will, passport, your assets and insurance policies, liabilities, your professional and medical teams contact information, how to access digital assets and platforms. It is an extensive but very helpful document in ensuring nothing is missed and your Facebook account doesn’t get stuck online for the rest of time.

This document is not meant for your advisor to have, it’s to be kept safe and secure with a few individuals knowing its location for when the time comes to needing it. It will assist those involved in your affairs to understand your expectations and instructions to deal with everything in a timely and less stressful state, or at least knowing who they can contact for help in the applicable areas of your life. Having this in place first will help smooth the conversation you have with the family, whether Statera Financial Planners is involved or not.

The most important this from all this, is just know that we are here to help if and when you need us!

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