Why Everyone Needs a Financial Planner

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Financial wellness is a core component of overall wellbeing. Given the many hurdles Canadians have faced in the past several  years, including job loss or salary cuts, growing levels of debt and higher costs of living, it has served as a vital reminder of the important role proper financial planning and personalized advice play in achieving your financial wellness.

Financial planning can mean the difference between achieving your long-term aspirations and failing to make any progress towards them. It’s the difference between being well-prepared and resilient in the face of financial crisis and being caught completely off guard by unexpected obstacles, like the ones we have faced in recent years. Ultimately, sound financial planning is a key to living life confidently because we help take the unknowns and provide the guideposts to navigate them into knowns!

When it comes to financial planning, getting personal guidance and counsel from the right person is more critical than ever. Not just anyone can provide the kind of expert advice needed to help. It’s essential to choose a true professional—one who has proven knowledge, skills, education, experience and ethics to give the advice you need, and always putting your interests first.

But knowing how to choose the right advisor isn’t always easy. In fact, in most provinces, it’s hard to even know who is qualified to provide what type of financial advice, since there are currently no restrictions on who can call themselves a financial planner. While this is changing, it’s still important for consumers to do their due diligence when choosing a financial planner.

By working with Certified Financial Planners like us, you can have confidence in knowing we meet the rigorous standards of competence expected in our field of work, we’re obligated to put clients’ interests first and are accountable for our professional and ethical conduct.

We are specially trained to look at your entire life picture—not just single components in isolation. That means meaningful advice will reflect the entirety of your financial puzzle and we’ll make considerations you may not have thought to associate.

With how truly linked financial health and overall wellbeing are, we feel financial planning is too important to be handled with a do-it-yourself approach or by someone without the appropriate qualifications. You deserve professional advice you can trust! We hope to be the trusting partner when you're ready to take control of the future!


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