Your Professional Network

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At Statera Financial Planners we know that it takes a network of professional individuals to meet all your life’s needs in the most effective way possible.

We will never provide specific tax and legal advice to overturn that of a lawyer, accountant, etc. Not only should you consult these individuals when necessary, but ideally so should we.

Because of the many ways a strategy may be impacted when segmented, we prefer to communicate collectively with your external professionals to ensure that all recommendations and action plans are in the overall best interest of you, with your professionals working with common goals in mind.

If you do not currently work with other professionals we are happy to recommend several options in hopes that you find one that fits right for your needs.

You are never obligated to act on our recommendations and know that we neither give nor accept referral fees; we simply want you to have the best group of professionals working for your collective interest.

We are happy to provide the names of

  • Tax Lawyers
  • Will and Estate Lawyers
  • Real Estate Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Psychologists

And more!